Today, my mom said “I’m sorry for not being there by you side every year on your birthday. I really want to go home…” I just teared up a little inside because I honestly don’t remember any of my birthday with her. It’s always through webcams and internet

wafflefries27 asked:
"I just stumbled across your blog, and I must say I love it!!! I read that post about you being lost about what you want to do, and if you're still feeling that way, then my advice would be to go with your instincts and just do what you love to do. "If you love your job you never work a day in your life." I don't know who said that, but it seemed fitting. :) but based on your blog, you seem like a really cool and amazing person. And your little posts help brighten my day :D"

Thank you so much for these words!!

Don’t worry, I feel fine and I see things clearly now. I did take the design job. I started 3 weeks ago. Things are still rough for me and I’m really trying my best to adjust. Right now, I just have to focus on earning.

I feel really bad for mom, it’s like anytime her bones are gonna break for working too hard. My queen had enough of this life, I just want to fix that part. I want to earn and let her stop working for good. Then I guess I’ll happily focus on illustration career. 

Thank you!

Time might separate us some day. But, even still, until then, let’s stay together.

This is how summer became something I looked forward to. 



This is the attitude that every creative artist needs to take.

When you’re wondering if you have the guts to post that new fanfic or to send your manuscript to a publisher, remember this.

"Sometimes you have to be your own hero, because sometimes the people you can’t live without, can live without you."
— Anonymous
  • What I said: Watch this show it's really good
  • What I meant: For the love of God please watch this I need friends who understand my pain I need someone to talk about it with that hasn't heard all my opinions a billion times please I am begging you


There are people out there that watch and enjoy TV shows and don’t know everything about the actors, backstory and speculate at length about what is going to happen. They turn on the show once a week, and then turn it off and nothing else happens.

How terrifying.

Toph’s blindness was one of the most excellently handled aspects of AtLA because it wasn’t treated like a disability. So often in shows (and especially children’s animation) disabled characters are limited to apperances in “very special episodes” where the main characters have to learn a lesson that these people are capable “in spite of” their handicaps, like that episode of Kim Possible wherein Kim constantly stumbles over herself around Felix. This approach is often just as insulting as making them the butt of jokes, because it’s patronizing and it limits the amount of roles disabled characters are allowed to have.

Avatar challenged that stereotype with Teo, and then sent a giant middle finger its way by introducing Toph. She’s turned what would otherwise be a disability into an advantage, and she’s not afraid to crack jokes about it. She functions well enough that the other characters often forget that she is blind, but at the same time it’s an integral part of her bending and allows her to be the greatest earthbender ever. It sends a powerful message that having a physical disability does not make you less of a person, and often affords you a unique perspective that the so-called “normal” people never get to experience.

One of the many reasons I love this show.

i want to eat pizza but

  • it’s 1am here
  • and i don’t have money
  • so i guess i’ll just sleep
  • and dream about pizza
"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel."
Steve Furtick (via quotestuff)